The massages allow you to relax physically and mentally. They improve the blood and circulatory-lymphatic systems while decreasing nervous tension.

  • Californian Massage

It allows deep relaxation and improves blood and lymphatic circulatory systems.

Ideal for people who have trouble relaxing!


  • Swedish Massage

A toning massage that relieves muscle aches, muscle tension and stress.

Ideal for athletes!


  • Thai Massage

It stimulates blood circulation and flexibility, it's a moment of pure happiness, a concentrate of vitality and relaxation.


A desire to travel?

Choose this massage!

  • Thai Foot Massage

It is a foot and lower leg massage that involves point stimulation under the sole of the foot using a wooden stick, and a massage of "energy lines".

Ideal for fans of foot massages!

  • 4 Hands Massage

It offers a moment of relaxation and incomparable relaxation. With four hands, the brain no longer manages to focus accurately on the gestures and totally loose grip. You are thus immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body is completely relaxed.

Ideal if you want an immersive relaxing state!

  • Head Massage

It helps to release daily tensions, but also improve the quality of sleep and relieve headaches.

Ideal for deep relaxation!

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